Question: How Can I Get OTP For SBI Email?

A one time OTP will be sent to your sim card.

Enter the otp , set your MPIN and you will see the option GET ONLINE OTP (dont click on it go to next step) Go get a laptop/pc log in to your netbanking account online.


How can I get OTP for SBI?

All you need is to login in SBI net banking and go to e-services section here click on ATM services and select PIN regeneration through OTP. You will receive an OTP on your mobile, enter the OTP and select ATM card.

  • Sending an SMS to 567676.
  • Visiting SBI ATM.
  • Calling SBI Customer care on toll-free numbers.
  • SBI Net Banking.

How do I get OTP in mail?

OTP will be sent to the Mobile Number registered in your account. Enter this OTP on the ‘One Time Password Authentication’ page. If you do not receive the OTP, even if your mobile number is updated, you can send a request to receive the OTP.

How can I get OTP for SBI secure OTP app?



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Can I transfer SBI without OTP?

Yes, it’s possible to transfer money within your SBI accounts without OTP confirmation. You can manually desable this feature using net banking facility or by visiting to your bank branch.