Question: Is White Rock Loans Legitimate?

Is White Rock loans a legitimate company?

It is a third party lending company, offering to connect people in need of quick funds to lenders specializing in good and bad credit lending.

White Rock is not a lender and does not offer loans.

The company offers short term personal loans.

Is White Rock loans real?

White Rock Loans is a peculiar service provider that connects individuals with hundred of online lenders. While it appears that most of the research regarding White Rock Loans has generated unsatisfactory results, it doesn’t appear that this service provider is a bona-fide scam either.

How do I know if a loan company is legitimate?

Go to your local BBB website and select “Check out a business or charity.” For example, if you are in Atlanta, go to You can search by the loan company’s name, type of business and identifying information such as the website URL, email or phone number.

Is bad credit loans com legit?

Is legit? Yes. is a legitimate online service that has been connecting borrowers with short-term loans since 1998. There are limits that restrict maximum loan amounts, interest rates and fees lenders can charge.